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Born and bred in the green
During the late 30s Mathijs Peters and wife Jeanne Deville began to grow and deal in plants. Sons Jan and Jef took over the business in 1958; in 1960 they began to cultivate garden plants and lay out gardens. The two brothers reacted swiftly to the suddenly increasing demand for a wider assortment of garden plants. In 1970 they decided to take their leave of the retail trade to focus exclusively on wholesale.

During the 70s & 80s
During the 70s the growth of the nursery put Munsterbilzen on the map as a plant centre with europewide ambitions. In 1978 they took into service the most modern sales greenhouse in the whole of Belgium. In 1983 they laid out a first container field in the nursery, followed four years later by a new infrastructure for sales of houseplants and patio plants. The cash & carry was expanded in 1994 with a cut flowers and accessories department.

During the 90s
The late 90s saw the third generation of Peters at the helm of the company: Mathieu and Leon (Jans’ sons) and Marie-Jeanne and Johan (Jef’s son and daughter). Their efforts brought further growth and, in 2006, an important decision: Peters would now concentrate exclusively on its core business, on what it did best - garden plants. This activity was split in two: production, nursery Heyeveld) on the
one hand and wholesale operations, Peters Belgian Outdoor Plants, on the other.

Nursery Heyeveld acquires the tree nursery domain in As. This area offers other possibilities in assortment, capacity and efficiency. With now about 11ha more container fields and a new team changes the appearance and the dynamics of the company. From then Heyeveld operates from this new site in As .